Refund Policy

In our online Quran system we make sure that everything is organized and made simple for our customers to understand easily. Our system is transparent so that our customers know all that is under our terms and conditions.

Our Refund Policy is also quite simple and easy. We think we are responsible to let our customers know about our refund policy. There are some important key factors which must be noted by our customers. This will keep them updated in this regard and will help them understand our policy better.

Our Refund Policy holds the following key points. They are as mentioned below

  • If the classes are yet to be started and the student withdraws before that, then full refund is given to the student without any deductions or charges added
  • No refund of fee will take place if the student has attended even one of the classes
  • The refund fee is deducted if the student has taken some classes or whatsoever
  • The additional amount will be returned to the student as per our refund policy if some classes are missed from our side
  • If there is any issue with our tutors being unable to hold the classes, then additional charges will be returned
  • The classes can be held by student in case of emergency or any other reason. In these cases, the credit is transferred to the next month for the classes
  • Our tutors take leave during the Eid holidays, this is twice a year and is paid
  • If the refund cost is more than the fee, no refund will be given
  • Our refund policy is as per our terms and conditions
  • The public holidays stand as paid leaves for our tutors

We urge all our students and candidates to take a look at our terms and conditions before signing up for classes. We ensure a very safe and satisfied journey for you. All you need to do is take a couple of steps and you are good to go.

Online Quran class help all the people, regardless of their age. The young and the adults both can take part in our classes and can learn much about Islam and its teachings.

Stay with us for more updates concerning our Online Quran Classes. You can even contact us, our contact details our mentioned on our page. Feel free to give us any positive feedback that you like.